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Armada N Stage 10 GW Binding

Armada N Stage 10 GW Binding

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Stage 10 GW Ski Bindings are a brand new offering aimed squarely at lighter and younger skiers who sometimes have difficulty putting their skis on, especially in fresh snow. Designed with a lower step-in threshold, the Stage 10 GW is both the lightest 1 0 DIN binding on the market and the easiest to put on. A new shorter footprint for both the toe and heel base plates lets the ski flex as naturally as possible, so you're free to enjoy every bit of performance your setup has to offer.

Product Details

Toe Piece

Automatic Wing and Toe Height Adjustment

Walk Pedal

Heel Piece

Back Rollers Technology  Two rollers in the heel aid stepping in by reducing friction between boot heel and heelpiece.

Polyamide Heel Housing  Polyamide with glass fiber is lightweight, durable and can be painted any color.

Micrometric Adjustment  30 millimeters of fine adjustment for the optimal fit on any boot sole

Additional Features

Easy Step-In  A lower step-in threshold means lightweight skiers can get their skis on even on a pow day.

Shorter Mounting Footprint  Shorter base plates at both the toe and heel allow the ski to flex more naturally.

Lightest DIN 10 Binding  At 860g per binding, the Stage 10 GW is the lightest non-system DIN 10 binding on the market.

Ski Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.


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