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TMC Freeriderz



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The TMC Beanie 

Behold the legendary "Whistler Beanies," steeped in local lore and whispered tales of adventure. Worn proudly by true locals, they signify membership in our esteemed "La Familia TMC." Let these beanies accompany you on your daring escapades, keeping your head warm as you conquer the slopes. Now, these iconic toques can be yours with just a click, shipped to any corner of the globe. Join the legacy of the original Whistler toque and embrace the spirit of adventure wherever you roam!

Our new 2024 tag reads. " The Mountains Are the Canvas" which simply means that the fresh snow covered hills, enabling us to freely Ride the majesty of the mountain just as an artist would paint his masterpiece on a blank canvas. The mountains give us a Freedom to express, and they are a remedy for our Soul...What our 30th anniversary tag symbolizes: The vibrant shapes (countries) in Mozaic embody the unity, diversity, and Growth  of the TMC Brand over the past three decades. Throughout these years, we’ve connected with countless individuals from around the world who have enthusiastically supported us and shared the love for snow sports. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our journey and brought us to this milestone!

Item Details:

100% Acrylic / Acrylique

One-size fits most

Height ( 10-12in unfolded / 8.5 in folded )

 TMC Toque

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