Skiing wasn't the same in the late 80's...

In fact, it had the stereotypical image of Tight pants and Neon colors (yes, those we so dearly love on Gaper day). At about that time..,Whistler was also becoming a Global hub for Mogul skiers, Freestyle skiers and Hot Doggers and TMC (formerly known at this time as "The Mogul Corner") was started by then 16 year old Yosuke "Yo-ski" Henry Hamazaki in 1994.

TMC was born

The shop was started in the upstairs storage space of his parents sports shop, Whistler Gifts & Sports..Yosuke was a competitive mogul skier at this time who competed internationally, and at Pro tour events. The dream of creating a "Gathering Place" for the worlds best skiers, and a hot spot for the Freestyle skiing community was the original goal of the young skier... Music, Skateboarding, Surfing, and Snowboarding had a profound impact on Yosuke as a child. and the shop incorporated these cultures into the Shop too.

The Rise of Freeskiing

Later, a New School movement instigated by Mike Douglas, Jp Auclair, JF Cusson and Vincent Dorion, and many others....notoriously named the " New Canadian Air Force" would significantly change the face of skiing... TMC was the first shop of only a handful which would follow that would introduce this new sport to the world, which would later be named "Freeride" skiing / "Freeskiing"....Now TMC FREERIDERZ would be at the forefront of this movement by locally manufacturing outerwear of the same name...TMC

Fast forward 29 years...

TMC FREERIDERZ has become a diamond like multi-faceted shop. On any given day a skier can demo one of the years best skis, have their equipment tuned with precision by the best, shop for the raddest gear, hunt for music in the record shop while possibly talking to one of the world best Pro skiers who may have waltzed in to chill.

  • The "TMC Tribal" logo was created in 1997, inspired by the sacred art and line work from various indigenous cultures. In Whistler we reside on the lands of the Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh and L̓il̓wat7úl people of Canada, and a respect and homage to their culture is the basis of the logo. Tiki, as well as other Polynesian cultures are also deeply engrained. Ancient indigenous cultures that have adapted and survived, and even thrived to Modern times are a symbol of the virility of their traditions.

  • New fads are continuously coming and going in the blink of an eye. In our current time in the highly technological age of Social Media posts, Fast food like brand consumption, and superficiality caused by the usage of stock Fonts, We wanted to rather create a design paying homage to the importance of Family, Community and Tradition in more of a tribal esthetic. Amalgamating a Brand, a Shop, and a Culture.

  • True Movement Core

    T = True

    Truth, Believe, Pure

    Dana Flahr

    M = Movement

    Path, Life, Motion

    Chris Turpin

    C = Core

    Heart, Center, Foundation

    Yosuke Hamazaki