Dana Flahr

With humble beginnings as a TMC Staff member in the early 2000s Dana Flahr had always shown star potential, this would later become a premonition when he culminated with covers on Canadian Ski Mags..Shortly thereafter he would go on to becoming one of the leaders in the ski industry... Movie parts with legends like Seth Morrison in TGR, to becoming a star cast member in all of Tetons movies.. Dana's focused nature has enabled him to create a skiing style which is fluid but aggressive, and he has won many awards through out the years... Dana is a living legend and we are proud to have seen his accomplishments all through out the years, the future is bright for this "Rockstar" as he continues to impress.

Dana Flahr had a major impact in the naming of TMC, He is the "True" in TMC


We asked Dana on his roots with TMC:

I was on a ski trip with a few friends in 10th grade. We went into TMC walked upstairs and you were spinning some records and we watched you do your thing and we chatted a little bit. We were so stoked to see all the rad ski movies we had read about all in your shop it was like something out of a dream! We were definitely kids in our candy shop. And then when I move to Whistler two years later I went in there a few times and eventually start working there waxing skis and fixing skis at night and shredding all day. Living and breathing skiing basically, which was also like a dream. Always having freshly tune skis myself of course, which was nice. I wad completely immersed in the Whistler ski culture in that shop.

Dana's career highlights: 

As far as career highlights go, the first one would be winning the North American IFS a free ski tour in 2003. Then the next year got an invite to go shoot in Jackson with TGR tour for a few weeks and see how it goes. Ended up there all winter, filming the best Segment I have ever gotten, and winning Powder Magazine's Video Awards "Breakthrough Performance". The next career highlight was probably in 2009 when I won the Full Throttle award at the powder magazine video awards, for my opening segment in the TGR film "Light The Wick"