Name: Dean Bercovitch

Age: 25

Top Accomplishments: 1. 4th One Hit Wonder 2. Athlete Segment in: Magnetic

Sponsors: Armada Skis, Pret Helmets, Char Poles, Roxa Ski Boots

How'd you become part of the Crew? :

The way i see it, i moved to Whistler in 2013 and needed ski's worked on. So i walked into TMC, the most fresh obvious freestyle shop around, and found Yosuke behind the desk. Didn't take me long to see the lineup of ID-One skis in the back. That's when i knew i was at the right shop. Continuing my ski career with the help of another ex-mogul skier was perfect. I have so much respect for the discipline, motivation, and drive of mogul skiers. So i knew the shop wouldn't let me down... Four years later and still holding it's own!

What gets me stoke in skiing?:   Simple. Deep snow. Big Air. Fast Lines.

Ski career plans:  I plan on competing big air, shredding pow, and enjoying the beautiful mountains of BC with friends for years to come..

Dean Bercovitch

Professional Skier - Freestyle Consultant