Yosuke Henry Hamazaki - President

 Has been running daily operations since day 1, 40 years old but ..time stopped at 16 when the shop was created...(mental age 16)






Robbie Dagg - Asst Manager

Robbie has been a fixture in the shop for over a decade now, and he continues to take care of our customers and clients with the best customer service possible. He comes from a freestyle skiing background with amazing Aerial and Mogul skills, he is very knowledgeable in the needs of Freestylers. He has been an avid backcountry skier for the past decade and also is highly knowledgeable in Touring, and freeride equipment. Robbie loves living in Whistler , it is his little paradise... From Mountain Biking, and Skiing and Surfing... Robbie is a main stay in our shop. His unique character and charm is why our customers come back to TMC ...Robbie is TMC




Cayley Willcox - Online

Cayley is Awesome! She used to work in the shop doing sales and tech work, but has now moved on to Coaching. She still helps out with the online shop and answering all the questions. 

Cayley is quite simply just "just one of the boyz" drama, her get'r done mentality rocks. 



Kyle Coxworth - Sales 

Kyle is a 23 year old skier from a small Ontario town. He moved to Whistler 3 years ago to follow his dream of skiing everyday and living in a place surrounded by like minded people. Kyle has plenty of knowledge with a wide array of skis, different brands and gear. Kyle knows what tools will get you on the right path to be the type of skier you want to be.

"I get corked."



Robert Aidan Murray - IT & Sales Associate

Robbie is a our internet genius, a wonderful Ski Tech and most importantly a passionate skier from the UK! He has won our coveted MVP at TMC, and continues to share this love of skiing to our clients.. Robbie is a trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable Ski encyclopedia of Freeskiing.