Yosuke Henry Hamazaki - President

 Has been running daily operations since day 1... "My father always took chances, and also believed in honest hard work.. He took a chance on a young me, as long as I had a clear vision on the path I wanted to chose..." .

TMC was a true revolt on the course of where Skiing was headed...We were "Free"skiing at its purest form. Music, Street culture, and a Uniqueness were true inspirations in the birth of our Shop and Outerwear forward close to 30years, my 16year old self is still guiding my decisions... not just selling"whats the In crowd.." We were never the "jocks" of skiing and never believed in the mass Appeal...each and every Freeskier has his own style, and "Soul Riding" running through our veins ..Our Identity on the snow is everything. Its like the mountains are our Canvas...





  Toby King - Ski Gear Sales & Online 

Why you like skiing?

There’s no better feeling than messing about on the mountain with your mates. Charging around as a pack and challenging each other to hit features that are way out of our comfort zones. Skiing, to me, is about stepping away from mundane 9 till 5 corporate office hours… to live life and have fun.

Why you want to share your knowledge?

I love the buzz I get from seeing our customers' excitement when they find their dream set up. I want to share my knowledge of skiing to help others enjoy the mountains just as much as I do.

About my life and where I’m from…

I’m from the UK but have always taken any opportunity I get to head out to the French Alps for the winter ski and summer bike seasons. I’ve spent the last 5 years as a web developer sat behind a desk, dreaming of the mountains. I quit my job in 2023, purchased a one way ticket to Whistler and am now making that dream a reality. I could not be happier working at THE coolest ski store in Whistler… TMC!!!



At TMC, We have been graced with a remarkable addition to our team in the form of Izzie, a sales associate, ski tech expert, and Izzie is also a supervisor for Whistler Blackcomb instructors . Hailing from the UK, Izzie's incredible artistic flair and boundless enthusiasm have brought a wave of positive energy and innovation to TMC FREERIDERZ

A Multifaceted Talent: Izzie's ability to wear multiple hats with finesse is nothing short of remarkable. Whether serving customers in the ski shop or managing instructors on the slopes, she brings her unique blend of skills, enthusiasm, and creativity to everything she does.

Sales Associate and Ski Tech Expert: In the ski shop, Izzie's prowess as a sales associate is coupled with her technical expertise in ski equipment. Her knowledge of gear and her customer-centric approach make her a valuable asset. She can not only recommend the perfect equipment but also fine-tune it with the precision of a skilled technician, ensuring customers have an exceptional skiing experience.

Izzie's artistic flair is evident in her approach to skiing and her Brand Juzzi Studios , which was started in 19/20 Season.  We are excited to be carrying her rad Clothing line at TMC!