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Chocowax Eco Friendly Ski & Snowboard Wax

Chocowax Eco Friendly Ski & Snowboard Wax

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Universal 5 to -10 Celcius

"In 2005, a revelation struck me like a profound awakening. It wasn't just about the birth of Chocowax; it was a realization rooted in 32 years of gliding down the majestic slopes of Whistler, oblivious to the impact of my joy. Terms like toxicity, environmental impact, and carcinogens resonated deeply – the unwelcome truths of race waxes and fluorocarbons in the snow sports industry. Today, I ride with a newfound confidence, knowing that every descent is a testament to nature's strength. Chocowax, a fusion of natural proteins and renewable resources, propels my journey down the mountain, a harmonious blend of passion and environmental stewardship." - Yoski Chocowax founder
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