Chocowax Eco Friendly Ski & Snowboard Wax


Universal 5 to -10 Celcius

"In 2005, Like a “bonk in the head“, it hit me.. Not just the idea nor even the concept of Chocowax…but rather , the harsh facts. An accumilation of 32 years of sliding on the white stuff home mountain of Whistler, and oblivious to everything I was doing by just enjoying every minute of my powder euphoria. Words like toxicity, environmental impact, and carcinogen ring oh so strongly…They were talking about race waxes, and flouro waxes in the snow sports industry.
Now I ride with confidence, that all my rides are propelled by nature, because Chocowax is a blend of natural proteins and renewable resources formulated to propel my ride down the mountain." - Yoski Chocowax founder

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