WhistlerStickers.com Small die-cut


You know those rad Hawaiian Stickers you see on all those SUVs and Trucks? Exactly!...those ones with the "Shaka" symbol, Hibiscus flowers, or even the silhouette of the Hawaiian Islands....Truly Cool!

Yup! thats right...We need our mountains, our artists and our mountain lifestyle represented in the same way. Get on board with our global goal and help us spread the "Mtn Gospel" to the world! ..its simple, just slap one of our mountain inspired design on the surface of your choice.

Unlike printed or laminated stickers , "DieCut" Stickers are cut like a widdler would carve wood. They wont fade as easy, will stay crisp, and are the perfect high quality sticker to put on your Skis, Snowboards, Skateboards, Surfboards, Bikes,Trucks, Cars,  Boats etc..you name it, they'll stick!

Lets let the world know who we are....

or at least the car behind you..lol

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