Black Crows Skis - NOCTA 2018/19

Black Crows

Great flotation and good handling, the nocta is the ultimate toy for big conditions.
The association of great float, full reverse camber and straight edges allow the nocta to accumulate big flotation in powder, good stability on the edges and a great handling.
  • big width: 122mm waist.
  • reverse camber: easy pivot and easy to carve.
  • extended sidecut: big turning radius, giving stability at high speed.
  • moderate flex along the whole ski: high performance and tolerant.
The nocta is for you if
you have a surfing spirit.
Callum Pettit:
 My favorite powder shape i've skied to date! the reverse camber makes them turn on a dime and you can really feel the ski working under your feet. in powder the control you have is incredible. with the narrower tip width it makes the swing weight lighter, making butters and spins feel effortless. Callum Pettit


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