Faction MANA 3X 2022/23


—-We are super excited to introduce this Faction PREBUY for Skis which will be arriving as Soon as early to Mid Sept 2022..lock in your dream skis for the 2022/23 Winter season!——-

Performance, precision, playfulness—the 112-mm-waisted Mana 3 effortlessly balances these elements, making it the freestyle-inspired quiver-killer for your all-mountain and backside needs. The sustainably havested Poplar Core construction is complemented by generous rocker and a hint of camber, resulting in a ski that presses and pivots with catch-free confidence, without sacrificing edge hold and stability at speed. The Mana 3 comes with our unique Rubber/Carbon stomp pad to give you superior toughness you need for skiing hard in all conditions. Backed by the finest, most durable Austrian construction, powered 100% by renewable energy

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